Dr Jorge Garcia Santos; Skilled businessman as well as well known Doktor and Health Guru, with over ten years in the Network market with astonishing product line he has today helped thousands of people and he has a network in over twenty countries around the World. Founder of the Non Profitable Organisation Klubb Vida Sana. Writer to VIP How to become a Better Version of You. Book Here

Yolanda Pozo; A well known Coach with an increadible growth as a Networker. Yolanda is living her Fantastic LifeStyle together with her Team of Dreamers expanding the opportunity to more and more people around the World. Today Yolanda has a network in over twenty countries around the globe.

…a Team of Mentors and Coaches has been produced and selected to give more and more people the right to develop and transmit the possible LifeStyle to more families who are ready to change and adapt to the New Time and forms that is required in the 21st Century.

Imma, Jose, Miquel, Isa, Angeles, Mercé, Sarah, Josefa, Hannika and many more are Holistic Coaches and mentors ready to take you to your next level. We are ready! Are you Ready?

Press the Links to Contact our plattform of Coaches and recieve more info by pressing HERE

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