Klubb Life Style is an umbrella where many organisations, companies and private individuals gather. However, there are some that are important pieces of the puzzle.

Bbeabridge, a non-profit organization that works to build bridges, bring the voice of young people and Culture to the center.

RekoRetreat, a platform that operates mainly in Spain.

Dr. Jorge Garcia Santos

Hannika Oberg

Klubb Vida Sana a non-profit organization that works for membership in our form. You are welcome to join our community. It costs SEK 100 per year. (After payment, you will be invited to our member groups, whatsapp, facebook and telegram). Do you want to make a bank transfer from another country?

Junkergatan 23 12653 Hägersten, Stockholm. Org number 802505-6584

Bankgiro number476-3561

Swish 1234400131 Klubb Vida Sana

Iban numberSE1250000000052291063952BicESSESESSA

AddressSEB, 106 40 Stockholm


We organize courses and Retreats regularly. You can get more detailed information in the member groups. You have a 30% discount if you are a member of Klubb Life Style.

Are you a Mentor, Coach, Artist or want to incorporate and offer your services at the next Retreat or Event. Welcome in as a member!. Share that support in our platform for Artists and Staff performing press HERE

We believe & together we are strong. We regularly organize ten-week MasterMind courses for members free of charge. We believe in the inherent goodness in every human being.

We also organize trips to Santiago de Compostela via Bbeabridge

Do you need legal advice in Spain, press Here