What is the Klubb 4Life Style?

  It is a Club of Professionals and Users who disclose the Advantages of a Lifestyle that allows us to Flourish and Prosper.

  What is the Goal of the Klubb Life Style?

   Give you the Tools to Flourish and Prosper through a Methodology divided into 5 Spheres created by Experts.

   Structure by Spheres of this Methodology

  1st Sphere: Mental/Emotional
   We offer you the Tools so that you can Prosper and thus Potentialize the other Spheres and achieve Holistic Happiness.

   ☆ Development of Interpersonal Intelligence with the Book The Secrets of Communication to be a VIP.

  ☆ Development of Intrapersonal Intelligence through techniques and Personal Growth Seminars

 ☆ Courses, Seminars and Retreats.

  2nd Sphere: Physical Activity
  ☆ We teach you the Culture of Physical Exercise as a source of Well-being that you deserve with Emotional Postural Reeducation exercises.

  3rd Sphere: Food
  We disclose the Importance of a Healthy and Scientific Eating Style so that you can Flourish and Prosper.

     ☆ Nutritional Reeducation.

     ☆ Sculpt your Body-10.

     ☆ Healthy Recipes.

     ☆ Nutritional Clinical History.

     ☆ Courses, Seminars and Retreats.

4th Sphere: Well-being*
We teach you the Importance of Supplementation to fully develop your Potential through Nutritional Supplementation.

  You will have Catalog for:

  1st sphere
     ☆ TransferPeace

  2nd Sphere
     ☆ TransferSport.

     ☆ TransferCop.

     ☆ Transfer Padel.

     ☆ Transfer Dance.

  3rd Sphere
     ☆ TransferNutri

  For Beauty.
     ☆ TransferBeauty

  For Pets
     ☆ TransferVet

  Professional Space
     ☆ Transferceutical Catalog.

     ☆ 4Life Catalog.

     ☆ Healthy Life Test.

     ☆ Healthy Life Test App.

     ☆ Courses, Seminars and Retreats.

5th Sphere: Financial*
Proven so that you have the Tools to Entrepreneurship and become a VIP (Very Important Professional).

     ☆ The Secrets of a VIP to Prosper.

     ☆ Sell to the Heart, not the Mind to be a VIP.

     ☆ The Positive Side of Failure to be a VIP.

     ☆ GO PRO.

     ☆ Be VIP

     ☆ Courses, Seminars and Retreats.
Klubb 4LifeStyle

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