Are you one of us who have learned or are trying to learn, or think it would be great to speak Spanish or Swedish. But… even if you know grammar, you may not know a single word. We want to be able to use the language.

As a member of our platform, you can attend free Spanish or Swedish courses together with Spanish-Swedish speaking people who are learning English. We teach the three languages at the same time. We also have events and retreats and at occasions where you can meet a language friend. You all have the same desire from both sides. If it feels right, a good feeling is created and you will get help if you wish to use a digital platform where you can meet regularly online or at our physical meetings. What does it cost? Nothing. It is a benefit for you who have taken the step in and become a member of our platform.

Do you want to make a reservation for a free online coarse in a upcoming language coarse autumn 2023. Limited space. You can guarantee your space by making a reservation today, press HERE

Become member now, click HERE or pay with Swish 1235995790 (SEK 100 for one year) (We will contact you when you are a member and will invite you to our member groups on whatsapp, telegram or facebook)

Very Welcome! Kindly regards Bbeabridge International

Here is a film from some students in end of coarse studying swedish

If you want to get money back when you buy things you would do anyway, register for free with us HERE

Language Buddy

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