Do you know Mastermind? Let us tell you briefly. The founder of MasterMind is Napoleon Hill and is the founder of personal development. He is dead today but leaders from all over our planet continue to read his books. He developed a form called MasterMind which is a form to get further as a human being. We humans think along the same lines, when we have a MasterMind group that helps us see our possibilities outside our comfortable box, as it is usually called. Then incredible things happen. I came across MasterMind in 2006 through a Bob Proctor disciple, he literally taught me to fly. You can meet Napoleon Hill here for yourself by watching the video below. What you need to join a MasterMind is to be present, you must not be late, nor come and go. Mastermind is a gift from our platform to you as a member who wants to go further. If you fail more than once to be on time, you are no longer included. It is because a dynamic and trust is created in the group. It gets damaged when someone jumps off. We start up new MasterMind groups continuously. If you want to join us in an upcoming group, become a member today. The MasterMind course is a gift to our members and does not cost money at the moment. Welcome! Yours kindly Hannika (founder of Bbeabridge and Mentor and Coach)

Napoleon Hill How to keep your thoughts positive.

Learn to deal with other people, Learn to deal with yourself, Learn to sell yourself, Remember your good heart, Start each day with gratitude for your trials, Learn to concentrate and finish what you started, Learn to transform a bad experience into a positive one, learn that everything that happens to you in life always has meaning. There is no bad action because everything that happens makes us stronger and wiser, Ask for guidance and be grateful, Accept any criticism directed at you as an opportunity to improve. There are two things in life; Accept gratefully or Lose your power and feel sorry for yourself.
If you feel sorry for yourself then look around and find people who have it worse than you and help them.

We Invite you to learn to take out the Best You together with us all! Welcome!

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