We teach you the Importance of Supplementation to fully develop your Potential through Nutritional Supplementation.

A healthy lifestyle is the set of daily behaviors and attitudes that you perform to keep your body and mind in perfect harmony to achieve “mens sana in corpore sano”.

The lifestyle is the basis of your quality of life, which is the perception you have of your place in existence, in the context of your culture and in the value system in which you live and in relation to your objectives, your expectations, your standards, your concerns.

Lifestyle is related to consumption patterns in your diet, tobacco, as well as the development or not of physical activity, the risks of bad habits, especially the consumption of alcohol, drugs and other related activities, and other risks. Which in turn are considered as risk or protection factors, depending on behavior, of communicable and non-communicable diseases (Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases, Cancer, among others).

That is why we will teach you the unknowns, until now hidden, so that your Well-being is the Best Possible and you achieve a Full and Healthy Life until the end of your days.

You will have a Catalog for the 5 Spheres and more:
1st sphere
☆ TransformMind.
A treasure trove of information for you, this Notebook examines the natural energy functions of the human organism as a key to emotional and spiritual health. It offers us a new vision of Emotional and Psychosomatic Problems, showing that not being well does not merely depend on an external invasion, but that a high percentage are the product (Symptoms) of the body’s failed attempts to warn you of what is happening inside you. and try to regain balance.

Remember the Phrase “Your body screams what your mouth silent”

That is why from the Vision of the 5 Elements we will give you guidance on the Nutrients that each element needs to recover the Balance and heal your Emotions to Transcend emotionally and spiritually.

2nd Sphere
☆ TransferSport.
Sports Supplements are one more element of the diet that an athlete should take.

It is a great help to complement the diet, balance it and avoid possible nutritional deficiencies that may arise from physical wear and tear during physical training.

Basically, sports supplements are concentrated foods that, after handling in their original state, maintain their important nutritional properties, often increasing them while less desirable ones such as fat or sugars are eliminated.

Sports Supplements can be considered as man-made foods to boost physical capabilities.

Sports Supplements are completely natural and although sometimes they go through a manufacturing process that affects their concentrations, they are still 100% of natural origin.

☆ Transfer Padel.
Paddle tennis, as with all sports practices, demands from our body an extra effort that we must accompany with a good diet, hydration and rest to achieve maximum performance and recovery without affecting our physical and mental well-being.

Supplements play an important role in achieving this purpose, complementing the balanced diet and the necessary fluid intake during each stage.

Although no one doubts the quantity and variety of supplements available to those of us who practice this sport, we should not take their selection or consumption lightly. Our Team of Specialists are trained to indicate the best ones for you according to your physical condition, your nutritional needs and the energy requirements that you demand at any time and place.

☆ Transfer Dance.
Like a high-performance athlete, the Nutritional requirements of a Dancer are just as demanding, and although many still see Nutritional Supplementation as something outside of Dance Academies and more typical of Bodybuilding Gyms, more and more are voices that are raised to help Dancers to have a Full Professional Life and of much longer duration, achieving better performance and quicker recovery from the so common injuries caused by the long and exhausting sessions of Training and Representation of the Works.

☆ TransferCop.
Every day there is a greater understanding of the physiology in military nutrition.

The importance of proper nutrition and specific supplementation is something that is gaining popularity and importance in the industry.

“An army marches on its stomach”…. This famous quote is attributed to Napoleon or Frederick the Great, and confirms that what was true then is true today. But while this problem is as old as war itself, modern understanding of physiology has added new variables to this old equation.

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